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VLC Low Quality Youtube Playback

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Posted · Original PosterOP

VLC seems to be playing back youtube video at 480p or lower. I already set its preferred video resolution to 1080p and Best available. Is there another setting that I am missing? Below are the comparisons.







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Step 1: Run VLC media player and navigate to Tools > Preferences.

Step 2: Under Show settings, select All.

Step 3: Click on inputs / codec tab on the left. Under Track Settings, click the Preferred video resolution drop-down list and select HD (720p)

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YouTube videos through VLC (or any external program you can stream it from) will either stream at 360p or 720p, with no 60fps options available. If the video doesn't have a 720p encode then the video really will look bad.

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You can get the 1080p video stream, but w/o the audio, so you have to use a program ffmpeg to put them into one container.

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