There are 3 tiers 1. Must experience at least 1 time in your life OR you will not be wasting your time experiencing this at least once. 2. It's okay. I won't push you to it but if you're just looking for something, it's not bad. 3. Don't waste your time.   My choices will be controversial. I HATE your favorite show. I criticize series as a whole. If season 1 sucks, the show sucks. You need to watch season 1 before you get to super awesome season 10. I will go in order however. If season 1 is really good, I will rate it high but say "by season X, don't bother." Every fault media makes counts against it. You can basically only mess up. Artificial game lengthening like "We didn't copy paste this part 4 times, what're you talking about?" False tensions "Oh no! He's dead... Oh wait now he's awake 3 seconds later. I'm SoooOo0O0o0oo happy =D" Good for the time is NOT equal to good for today. It's not 2001, CGI isn't an instant 100.   Spoilers will contain alphabetized TV Shows, Movies & games. Miniseries like The Pacific are TV shows.