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Are internet cafes still a thing?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was wondering in your country/area are there still existing these kind of places and if there are, are people still going there? I was just looking recently in my area (I live in UK) and couldn't seem to notice that there aren't really many at all. 

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2 minutes ago, AndreiArgeanu said:

I was wondering in your country/area are there still existing these kind of places and if there are, are people still going there? I was just looking recently in my area (I live in UK) and couldn't seem to notice that there aren't really many at all. 

Here we call it Tim's Horton
Although you do need to BYOC

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I've NEVER seen a "Internet Cafe" in my life, the closest I came was 10+ years ago on vacation the hotel we where at (this was long ago enough you didn't have wifi in every room) had a computer room where you paid by credit card to use a computer for a set amount of time. nowadays nearly every restaurant you go to has wifi in it so you can use the wifi while there and since most everyone has at least a smart phone it's rendered the need for a traditional internet cafe pointless. most people have unlimited cell data these days.

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I've only ever seen one "internet cafe" in my area.

It closed.


If I go much further in the city, I found these two




The first one looks to be an illegal alien that shouldn't even be allowed to operate in this city with our language laws and the second one I don't know. For all I know, they could be the same place considering their addresses are literally next doors.

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Generally there aren't a lot. Or any. We used to have few, saw them in Prague and Budapest long time ago. I haven't seen any in quite some time though. No point really for them, you have smartphones and some places even have tablets/PCs for free use, like freaking McDonalds. 

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We used to have two back in the day in my small home town. 1 hasn't existed for probably 15 or so years, if not more and the other probably at least 10+ years.

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There are a few around here in Brussels, but they're quite small and they're mostly used for printing. When I was young in Turkey, they were quite common, but they've died down slightly nowadays

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I've seen some gaming cafes in China but none in Amerca, real shame though since they'd be pretty cool for parties and stuff

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I thought for a moment and I couldn't remember any, but then I realized they opened a gaming "cafe" in the local mall a couple of months ago. It isn't much of a cafe, just a place where you can rent a gaming PC and play for a set amount of time. I tried it out since it was for half the price (just before christmas) and it was kind of cool. It had plenty of games, even ones that I was surprised to see, like Warframe. The games are not installed locally though, the PCs access a server with presumably a shitton of HDDs full of games. That's why I was sad to see that games like Warframe and even Rainbow Six Siege weren't updated. They had to be updated in the server, because the PC would just load all of it in the RAM and eventually BSOD. (That's what I was told at least.) I ended up playing LoL for the whole hour. Funny though how it is also locked to only the EUNE server. You can't play anything else.

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There aren't many here. Mainly because any library has few computers you can use without even library card. There are some, more gaming cafe style places.


I've seen and used few while traveling. But that was before smartphone era. Now when every hotel has wifi of sorts, and EU roaming is almost same as paying for it locally, I don't see them surviving for long. When we visited London last year, the hotel even had smartphones to lend to customers if they so wanted. Hotels usually have PC or two for smaller things, like printing tickets etc.

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Only place that is anything like an internet café that I know of is the library. They have computers there you can use for free.

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In the US, the closest I've seen in recent years would be the computers at a FedEx that you pay to rent. Definitely no gaming on those and they're VERY expensive. 

I know there are a ton of cafes in Japan and China. I think at this point it's more of an East Asian thing than a Western thing. 

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Before i moved, there was 3 around my area. They had about 15-20 PC each.

I'd guess they're pretty much still a thing.

Some people would hang out outside even tho they weren't allowed access to the wifi lol

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In Colombia you can still see a good number of them in the streets, some are focused on esports titles, but the vast majority are hibrids or for regular stuff like browsing, video calls, etc.


They are becoming rarer and rarer since it is now a common thing to have a laptop in all house/libraries

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There's a handful in Vegas, and you can actually play in the luxor esports arena for 10/hr (locals get double time) and a few others off strip for 5 an hour give or take eg evo cafe (spr mtn+jones) or gogo cafe (trop+md)


Although considering that these places charge 5/hr and you can get a good setup for 1200 or so (break even point of 240 hours or about a year of playing 4 hours a week, less if you're actually into gaming), and that you have to drive to these places in the US, I don't see them being that popular in Vegas. May be slightly different in like NYC where getting places is almost free (monthly metrocard pass)


It's nice if you're travelling and all you want to do is unwind in a small booth and play a gmae or two but I don't see it as an everyday thing, at least in the US.


On the other hand, if they got these Japanese style drink machines with 32 choices and melon fanta, I might be going there a little bit more often...

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