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{{URGENT}} please need help. Boot issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, so I’m having a weird issue that just started recurring after I reset the storage on my ssd. This runs Uefi bios and I have a military class motherboard. When I turn the computer on the monitor pops up with the windows logo then pops up with my motherboard branding then says, “press <Del> to run bios setup or <F11> to run boot menu. This loop keeps going on forever. I can access my bios no problem. I will also upload a picture too of these two weird bars that run vertically across my screen. Might help dive deeper into my problem. Also, there are times when the windows logo won’t even show up, but will continue and reboot the same way as I explained, still, showing the 2 bars. Also, on the no signal screen the 2 bars show up so that display isn’t the monitors issue either. Pictures include: 

First booting up but without the windows logo, booting up with the windows logo, motherboard branding with different commands, then finally a picture of the computer.


MSI R9 390 8G (gpu)

Samsung 250gb (ssd)

1x8gb stick (RAM)

MSI MILITARY CLASS 4 (motherboard)

Thermaltake smart series 750w (psu)

Not sure of what my cpu is though.






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Those 2 bars are a GPU problem I think.

I hope you have an Intel CPU, put out the GPU and try to restart then. See if the bars disappeared. If not, GPU is fine at least.

Maybe try a different PCIe Lanr too?

But the problem with the boot itself seems to be a defect SSD/HDD.

Try to plug it into another system and see if you can access data at all.

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The GPU is most likely causing the issues. I would try to reseed the GPU and see if that corrects the issue. If that dose not work If you have another GPU just laying around I would try that and see if you have issues. This would tell you if it's the GPU or the Motherboard.  

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