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I need a trusted online store provide a Microsoft business products ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello friends

I need to start my small business and i need to get windows server &  sql server license

I see there is many different in the price between microsoft store price and Amazon and ebay !

As an example: win server 2019 standard = 1300$ on microsoft store and 100$ on ebay 

And 1000$ locally  

So there is any trusted website provide a microsoft business products with a best cost ?


Thank you all

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Well you cant get anymore trusted than straight from Microsoft... That said.. Amazon is likely legit as well.. Ebay.. those are likely grey area keys that may or may not be obtained legally. 

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Some of those cheap license is from OEM volume based keys which are unused / leftovers.

They are not suppose to sell it to third party.

Most of them will work, you just ask the sellers to guarantee the key is usable, or replace it with the fresh one.

Professional windows 10 keys are just $10 in the grey market.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thenks friends, yes the ebay is like the black market :)

So I need to buy in the legal way but i need it online due the tax is in my country is expensive.

But the question where can i get the best online price due the Microsoft store is really expensive than the local price !

In Microsoft store windows 2019 standard = 1300$

In our local Microsoft partner = 1000$ + tax  

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The legit way is to buy from microsoft, or their partners.

But my suggestion is just try that $100 stuff, if its not working, you only loose $100.

Check the sellers rating, he won't get good ratings if he sells bogus stuff.

Pay with paypall and cash out after you installed without problems.

or you can buy it in this other grey market (even cheaper):



And since you are starting, why not take the Linux alternative, there are many apps in linux which are cheaper to deploy.

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I'd suggest going with a partner, so you have a resource to deal with for everything, including the complicated web that is licensing.  We use CDW, but they likely aren't the cheapest.  I believe even Newegg offers something like this.


That being said, if you need a server for a business, I'd be getting that and the related software from Dell.

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