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Faisal A


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a small Youtube channel with approximately 40 subscribers. Am I allowed to edit the LTT logo and use it for my channel (non-commercial use) or is it copyrighted ? Also, am I allowed to copy the header ? 



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can't you think of a logo yourself?

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Whether or lot is is commercial use is irrelevant. Publically replicating and displaying a copyrighted work is illegal in most of the developed world.

As is the illicit use of trademarked material.


Now, if you're going to change it will depend on whether or not the change will result in a derivative work or a standalone creative work. It's perfectly legal to use existing work as a template, but the result has to be legally distinct.

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Just now, Faisal A said:

@Volbet Do you think something like this will be ok ?


I wouldn't know. I don't what kind of laws and practices are in place where you live nor to what extend YouTube will uphold their rules


Nova doctrina terribilis sit perdere

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You'd be seen as a copycat channel and ridiculed by anyone who knows where it comes from. Zero credibility.
Do you really want that? Make your own.

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I wont go into legality as that isnt my place but as mentioned you will seen as a copy cat channel. You should look into developing your own identity especially since you are developing your own channel and if you cannot do this, then your channel could or would fail in a short time. I am not trying to bea downer here, just being realistic.


If you want to use any likeness of LMG material you need to contact LMG directly. Asking forum members is not going answer your question or properly represent how LMG will feel about your request.


I'm going to lock this topic to prevent any less-than-savory comments from being posted.


-= Locked =-

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