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USB Ports not getting enough Power

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey Folks,

So last night I put The Division 2 to download on my PC. This Morning I saw it completed download but my keyboard and mouse lights were off. I restarted my PC and still they were off. After 2-5 mins I saw lights coming back on and both started working but then again they switched off. I tried another USB Ports and it was the same exact thing. I also have a USB Hub to which I plug in my Headphones and they didn't work either.

But the USB Powered LED Light that I have on my Table did work. So did the CPU Fans that were pinned to MoBo USB headers.


When my keyboard and mouse did work I quickly checked my Power Settings and the USB Suspend state was disabled. I also unchecked the 'Allow this PC to power off this slot to save power' option in Device Manager aswell but still I'm loosing power.


It's like my USB Slots are fluctuating specifically for my keyboard and mouse because they work for short time and then stop working for a long time and then again start working and then again they stop. I can't even go in BIOS because of this.

I do have proper display and fans are all good.


My MoBo is Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro and Seasonic Titanium 750W PSU.


Please advise

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2 minutes ago, MoNeY2TechTips said:

I don't know that...Where can I find that ?

In a software such as HWinfo, or in most uefi bios's

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Posted · Original PosterOP
36 minutes ago, Labeled said:

Have you tried unplugging everything except display and kb/m?

There's nothing much to unplug.... What I did do is switch power plug to a different socket and my keyboard and mouse came back up...Until earthing started and they again went out. Would earthing be causing this issue ? I mean they remain active until earthing builds up and then usb looses keyboard mouse power.


I had earthing (current on back plate of my case) from a long time but I didn't use to have this problem back then.

I'm lost and don't exactly know what could be causing this I assume its earthing but god knows what's wrong.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, Labeled said:

I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean by earthing..

Grounding so to speak. I have electric current on my PC back body (back steel panel of my case). My PC isn't grounded.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Now I'm completely lost as to what could be causing this issue. I got a 3 Pin PC Power connector to ground my PC. It still didn't work. I called up a PC Tech who said the amount of current I'm measuring through a tester is an expected amount so that isn't the issue.

Last Night I somehow got power back onto my USB devices and I booted into BIOS and didn't encounter such a problem. So I thought it was a Windows thing. I booted into Windows and had power still. (By Power I mean power in my keyboard and mouse). I fired up Chrome and again lost power. Then again it cycled back up. This is happening a lot....Power goes off and cycles back up when it wants to....

Any suggestions ? I have latest updates for Windows on my PC. What could be causing this problem ?

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