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Mat in the hat

Help with FreeNAS and Emby

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So, I've created a FreeNAS server on a old PC, besides needing help with securing the server, I need help linking Emby to my FreeNAS Emby plugin. I can install the Emby plugin no problem. The issue is, when i install the Emby plugin it totally creates an entire different Emby web page i guess you'd say. I have tried DHCP and creating my own Emby IPv4 address..to no avail it creates a different Emby account. I tried to use the IPv4 address from my Emby server i have running but it won't let me. I am a noob. I'm sorry, someone if you somewhat know what i'm saying please help. I love this community, you guys have helped me so much in the past. I provided a pic! and i'll provide more if need be! 

Screenshot (4).png

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