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Help! My ssd isnt working

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Issue part- Inland 512gb NVME from microcenter

Motherboard- MSI B450 A-Pro(6 months old)

So, a couple of days ago, I bought a new ssd from micro center, a 512gb NVME ssd with 3100/1900 r/w speeds. I have an existing ssd in my computer which I boot off of (Kingston A400 240gb) The drive is detected in Windows and in disk/partition manager. Both drives have standard NFTS encryption, and both register as healthy, active partitions. IT WONT DETECT IN BIOS!! The drive doesn't appear in the boot order list, so I cant boot from it and use it. It appears in the BIOS when I look into the mobo map and it says in the M.2 slot, a 512gb nvme is plugged in. Any help whatsoever would be appreicated! I dont want to waste $70 on a worthless drive.

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28 minutes ago, Elevate said:


What happens if you remove the existing drive (physically unplug it) then boot into BIOS, is the new drive seen?

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