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Introducing Pie-Shine - A Rainmeter Skin

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello All! I was not sure whether this should go into Programming or Programs, Apps and Websites, but this seemed like the best place. 


Currently, there is a lot of progress to be done, but right now I have four 'tiles' created. They open different programs, being MS Edge, Chrome, NordVPN, and Windows Explorer. Please leave your recommendations for more tiles as it takes a whole five minutes to make another one and I can have another release tonight with a bunch of tiles. The icons of these tiles react to the current level of audio outputting from your computer, just as a nifty animation. I plan on adding a visualizer in the future, but that currently is not a priority because there are hundreds currently out there. If there is anything else you would like to see in this skin please let me know.


Note: When loading the skin, ignore the pie-shine-controller.ini as it doesn't do anything, but will make loading the skin easier in the future.






Now, here are the instructions with setting up the skin. 


  1. Download the .rmskin package and open it from your download folder.
  2. Navigate to the pie-shine folder in Rainmeter. pie-shine-controller currently doesn't do anything, so there is no point in loading it.
  3. Now, navigate to the tiles folder. In each of the folders inside of this  folder is an ini file for each tile. You can load each by clicking 'load'
  4. Now, everything is loaded, but horizontal alignment in Rainmeter is doodoo, so here is how to do it properly.
    1. Open the utilities folder, which has a skin inside, load that skin.
    2. You can push two tiles up against the top of this and they will be aligned horizontally. NOTE: Vertical alignment works properly.
  5. Y   U   H   its loaded




Release Notes: Pie-Shine_0.1.0 Beta.rmskin


0.1.0 Beta:


Initial Release


don't expand











ha gotem go neck yourself

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Posted · Original PosterOP
6 minutes ago, Mr. horse said:

Screen shots?

oh yeah, those are important. ill update the main post

don't expand











ha gotem go neck yourself

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