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PC turns on but sometimes it turns off before operating system starts

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Posted · Original PosterOP


So my computer turns on and I get the boot led red then yellow, then green. Screen come on and I get post and I can get into bios no problem. And then load windows no issue.. play for hours no temp issue. CPS never gets higher than 64. Stable over clocked I9 9900K at 5.1 GHZ and OC is done automatically by Motherboard system. Water AIO cooling on CPU Everything has been fine for 3 months. Now sometimes not always the PC starts, post, then goes to the next screen before Windows 10 get to start and just turn off. No error beeps. If i try to turn it on again then goes through boots straight to windows (windows doesn't report an failed boot) and runs normally. Its happen about 5 time now and I am worried about what can it be. All components in PC are brand new all bought in the beginning of February. I linked my parts list below for reference. 





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Posted · Original PosterOP

Looks like you are correct.  So far so good. Update bios to current and haven't seen a failure yet! Also it looks like I may have gotten lucky in the silicone lottery I am now stable at 5.2 GHZ  on Auto Overclocking! Thank you so much!

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