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Case Suggestions Wanted.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm planning on upgrading my rig, as it's starting to become a little dated (namely CPU RAM and Mobo combination), however, once I take it apart, I know I don't want to put it back together in the existing case as it's too cramped in my opinion.


My Current Setup is:

Corsair 460X

MSI Gaming 5 (Z97) & Intel I5 4690

MSI GTX 1080 Armor

Antec 750W Non-Mod PSU


2 2.5" SSD's

With the following cooling:
280mm Rad (EK)

EK Supremacy

Phobya Res 200mm
EK D5 Pump
4 x 140mm Fans (2 For front rad, 2 for top exhaust)
1 x 120mm Fan (Rear) - All Fans are Corsair AF I think (I know, I should have got Static Pressure, but thankfully system runs plenty cool despite this error).


I was wondering if anyone here has any potential suggestions for a decent case that kind of meets my wants, as I've probably missed some.. my requirements are:

Is a "Large Mid Tower" or "Small Full Tower"

Glass Panels, preferably all round but full side panel will do.

Support for front & top radiators, preferably 420mm (3x140mm)

Sufficient space for watercooling, with a vertical res.

D5 is standalone, so I don't mind if that's "hidden" or not.

ATX is preferred MB size.


The key thing I'm after is a case that isn't a complete eyesore (appreciate that's subjective, examples of styling I like, Corsair 460X, Thermaltake View 71), but has to fit and support 2 full size rads with larger fans as I'm trying to keep the overall noise level down (Rig is due to be moved into the main living area). watercooling is currently flex tube but I am moving to full hard line set up with flex for drain system. No single item on my current set up is a "must keep" probably with exception to the D5 and the 1080. Case budget is pretty flexible but I'm not talking about 300+ Lian Li flexible 😄


Any suggestions / ideas welcome!







Steam ID: i_hawk_i@hotmail.co.uk  // PSN ID: hawk86uk // Win Live ID: hawk86uk

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With the next Ryzen coming out I'm looking to upgrade as well.  Currently have a Phanteks P400s, but I'm really attracted to Lian Li PC-011 dynamic.  It's really not that expensive and has tons of radiator options.  The only limitation I think is that most areas only support multiple 120mm fans except for the top which will support 2 140mm.


Link to the Case (Warning they have an auto playing Youtube vid)

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14 hours ago, HawK86uk said:

Support for front & top radiators, preferably 420mm (3x140mm)

The Define R6/S2 can hold a 420mm RAD at the top, so long as you have low profile memory (Corsair Vengeance LPX for example) RGB memory like Trident Z for example would be too tall. The Phanteks P600S can hold a 420mm rad at the front (you can check out my comparison checklist in my signature)


The three cases retail around $150, however Fractal design will soon be releases a "Vision" Version of the S2, which has Tempered glass front, side and top panels (though teh top needs to  be swapped back to the Rad mount + filter in your use case which they include)

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