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5.25 or 3.5 USB 3 card reader

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I need one to fit in a new box I am building. What are the better ones these days. Most of the ones I see on amazon the card reader is only USB 2.0 with a separate connection for a few USB 3 ports on the front. All suggestions appreciated 

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People don't really use them anymore these days. 



I bought a Transcend external USB3.0 card reader and used double-sided tape to attach it to the bottom of my desk.  Then I put a 4-port USB hub next to it.  Together they take up 2 USB slots from the rear.


That being said :



One external USB3 port, the other USB3 channel of the 19-pin connector is used for the reader itself.  fits a 3.5" opening



Akasa also does one

http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Card Reader/Hub&type_sub=Card Reader&model=AK-ICR-27


And one with much more connectivity, for a 5.25" bay :

http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Card Reader/Hub&type_sub=Card Reader&model=AK-HC-05U3BK


Plenty of other manufacturers too.  I've used several Akasa parts in the past (actually I'm currently running off an NVMe SSD that is in an Akasa PCIe adapter, come to think of it) and I never had any issues with them.



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What annoys me about most of the internal readers is they include several ports that are either obsolete or are almost obsolete. The only card type I'm currently using is SD (and the faster, higher speed equivalents) although I can see myself using microSD in the future. Also, most of the card readers available are USB 2.0.


I wound up buying a couple of USB 3.0 external card readers and using them to make my own internal card reader. The card reader is behind the bottom open door in this photo:




It can take up to two SD cards and two microSD cards. Each port pair (one SD and one microSD) runs off one half of a USB 3.0 header (excuse me, USB 3.1 Gen 1) so I can get the full speed while running up to two cards simultaneously as long as i don't use both slots of a pair.



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Posted · Original PosterOP

I agree in some ways. Currently I use SD, microSD and CF on a daily basis. From a manufacturer point of view I can understand why they include all.

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