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Installed new GPU Cooler Problem.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I bought an arctic accellero extreme III. Install it on my 1080ti. First problem is the card is too thick for my case. The psu shroud in my h200 is too high. So I remove the fans from the cooler. I have a sfx psu, and the shroud is ventilated and i have 2 120mm noctua fans blowing air from the front. Not ideal, but it should be ok. At least temporarily. I also decide to keep the side off for improved airflow. I boot into windows, and window is like downsized into about 1/4 my 1080p monitor. Also, booting into msi afterburner doesn't show my gpu and cam doesn't either. And maybe 10 mins in, my screen goes blank. My gut says this is far too fast to have overheating from having no fans. And it has to be a fuckup with installing the new cooler. Could this be solely from no fans?

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Maybe it could be an issue related to simply not having any fans plugged into the fan header on the GPU's PCB.
You could try to connect the fans from your old GPU cooler and see if that fixes the issue.

Other than that I think it could only be an issue related to the install of the cooler.
I would uninstall the cooler again and put the old one on, just to see if it's related to that.

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That's not going to work for a 1080ti.  It's basically passively cooled.  You'll have to change something.

As far as the card not showing up, was it installed before?  Did you use DDU to remove the drivers and then reinstall?

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14 minutes ago, atavax said:

Looks like i installed the wrong spacers and it wasn't contacting gpu

It's good you found the issue.  I'm hoping it works after that spacer is installed.  

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I can get into windows and get cam to show it, but not msi. And cam is saying its like 32 degrees. I'm thinking its probably the ram or vrms getting too hot without fans

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