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looking for a keyboard

Whats the general consensus on MX speed switches?

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It's an MX Red that activates in 1,2mm, instead of 2mm. Those are some objective pretty simple and big advantages, but I personally think Reds are already quite light so that doesn't matter much..

What I do think the Speeds improve on is the 'mushiness' of a Red switch, but I think that has to do with how little you have to press it down (you wont notice the mushiness too much, making it feel like an improvement).


Altogether I think it's better than Reds, but the advantage is not big.

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I mean the force it takes to press down speed switches is pretty low so I would think it would help a little but not much.

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They are really fast, it took me some time to get used to mine!

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As other have said, there is an objective advantage albeit, a small one.

I like them quite a bit.



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it is not marketing, it is probably the only thing you have to look for when buying a gaming keyboard tho, so get cheapest Red cherryMx keyboard, you may not get other features like wrist reset, media keys, RGB bars and other stuff but you really need RED switches, keyboards of this switches usually from 80-200$ and they are nearly the same, I can say for 100$ you should get all features of gaming keyboards with cherryMX red switches, above that price there is no value.

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I did not believe the hype for the switches at all at first, however as soon as I got to try my pals Ducky One TKL with MX Speed Silver I was in love, although I also had multiple ducky keyboards with Reds and Roccat with MX Browns. It is not really about the activation distance for me, but the feel you get when pressing the key and exspecially when bottoming out. I just recieved my Ducky One with Speed Silvers and I also ordered a TKL RGB version also with the Speed switches. I do not regret switching from Reds to Silvers at all. Although I want to try out the Black Switches as well.

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I mean they're great, sure are faster, definitely can help and feel better. Won't make you a better player though if you're already not good enough anyway. 

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