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Pressing Enter fast after pasting URL while creating a post publishes the post

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This has happened to me several times: While typing out a post including an OP, pasting a video link and then rapidly pressing enter after pasting it, the OP immediately publishes, rather than creating an indent.


When this has happened I wasn't close to being done typing out the post, so it's inconvenient and disruptive.


Testing it right now, it seems that for a half-second after pasting a YouTube link (or maybe any link?), the post / edit button is somehow selected, and so pressing enter causes the in-progress post to publish.


So, ctrl+v pasting this following URL and then rapidly hitting enter quickly afterwards causes the post to publish:



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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:

CTRL-Enter is a shortcut to submit posts in this forum engine ._. you might have just invoked it accidentally

I didn't know that. That's what's happening, then.

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