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Ideal custom rom for my case (Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was trusting asus all this time to provide a good stock android experience, but my god their inadequacy as a good oem has baffled me. How hard can it be to update a stock version of Android to pie? They delayed the update and security patches so many times, and finally when pie alpha does drop, it still has all the bugs from the pie beta. I still believe, that they can fix and redeem themselves, but in case they don't, i would like to install a reliable custom rom for asus zenfone max Pro m1. My main requirements will be dark mode, dark notifications, dark everything, near stock experience, reliability, and easy and quick updates. Which will be the ideal rom for my case?

I havent had any experience with installing custom roms as well so i would also appreciate a simple to follow guide. Thank you

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I'm a complete noob in terms of custom roms, but I know a fair bit about SoCs - so whatever you choose to install on your phone keep in mind that Snapdragon 636 is hardly even a midrange chip. It's slower than the SD660, so that puts it somewhere in the SD821 range CPU wise (high end territory in 2016), but the GPU is.. 30% of the Adreno 530 (SD821), and that is about 50% the performance of the latest Adreno 640 (SD855).


Whatever you choose to put on your phone, make sure it's lightweight. 

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There’s a Lineage 8.1 Oreo nightly for your phone, I’ve had good experiences with LineageOS. Very light and stock experience, did lower my S7’s Geekbench 4 from around 6000 to 4000 though.

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