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Experience with a Thinkpad X230 / X240 - Durability

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've read many reviews of the thinkpad X230 and X240, stumbled upon archaic tech forums, watched youtube reviews and it's comment section.

The general consensus I got was that it's pretty popular, very modular and open (removable ram, battery, storage, multiple types of dock and multiple capacity of battery), inexpensive, and VERY durable. 

I stumbled upon a forum in which a user said that he left said series of thinkpad in the snow, and then later on, found out that it still working minus bluetooth. (Could be lying but that's pretty specific and hard to believe) 

So, any extreme experiences with said series of ThinkPad? 

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As a long time thinkpad user, can confirm theyre made like bloody tanks.


The only way you can get more durable is a Toughbook.

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