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A heads up when using modern GPU's. Boot problems and false GPU not working flags!

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I tried my other bios on the RX 570 and it never booted, so i returned it back to the other bios, this is a bios switch. It still did not boot, but after consistent attempts, after around 8 tries it finally displayed the screen and booted like nothing happened.

I do not understand the process behind this but i would think it could be a bios problem causing compatibility problems with motherboards. I run a B350 motherboard so you would think this would be  a perfectly good match if you use any side of the RX bios, but apparently not.

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I'm currently making a 775 build but it doesn't really work with both ram slots filled. But after like an infinite amounts of reboots it just randomly works lol. Tech is weird

MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti Low Profile | i7 3370 @3.4/3.8 turbo |  MS Spectrum case |  120GB OCZ VERT3X SSD  | Seagate 1TB SSHD |

Just a standard medium-level gaming system.Nothing special :)

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