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Which Monitor Should I choose?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm looking for a monitor that had 144hz and came upon two options. Also could live with a different monitor if it is better. Budget $200 no stretch

Acer GN246HL or Acer - ED242QR

the build I'm planning on building is                                             The main difference is GN has 1ms response time and ED has 4ms. But ED has free sync and I don't have an AMD card.


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Posted (edited)

what games are you planning to play?


ED one is curved so white uniformity and balance will be horrible. 

ED is VA panel so color is better but latency is worse. 


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5 minutes ago, Mr.Sniff said:

I plan to play Rainbow Six Siege and eventually hook up a VR


See most people have recommended the ED because it had free sync

or g sync



its your decision. do you care about color accuracy? for such a small screen size, i would highly reccommend against curved panels because it is unnessesary. if you do not sit directly in front of the screen and at 0 degree angle, things will get warped and look weird. 

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I would go for the Acer - ED242QR, as it appears to have a much more immersive experience, and is slightly cheaper. Also, most monitors allow freesync to work with an Nvidia GPU now, so you needn't worry about that.

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