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Razer Core X on a Latitude 5590

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I have been trying to connect my razer core X with a Gygabyte 2070 RTX on my Dell Latitude 5590.

The thing is that the card is not recognized.


I think the laptop only provide 3.0 usb but I dont know if there is a solution.


Does someone has a solution to bypass the problem?

Do you know if there is a thunderbolt 3 to 2 adaptor that exist and work in this situation for PC ?




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Dell Latitude 5590 is missing thunderbolt, so you can't connect an external GPU to that, because it is just a plain simple usb port.


You would need a Latitude 5591 for the "optional" Thunderbolt 3 support.


So it is a bummer, but i can't see a single way you could get that setup to work. :( 



There have been some people who have connected external GPUs to the internal PCIE 4, by taking out their wifi card, and using that connector, but my knowledge is heavily lacking in that area, so i don't even know if it is an option at all.


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