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The WAN Show Might Be the Best Tech Podcasts out There.

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Posted · Original PosterOP






(I wrote this as a school assignment on podcasts and wanted to share! I'm From 17 from Sweden studying an IT technical line at Polhemskolan University)


The WAN show is a live podcast about what's been happening in the technology industry the past week. WAN is short for Weakly Analysis and News.and starts every Friday in Canada time (GMT−7). The Show’s hosts are Luke Lafreniere and Linus Sebastian. Linus is the manager for Linus Media Group and front face for Linus Tech Tips on Youtube. Luke was a host and member Linus Media Group but now works for a daughter online video company called Floatplane. 


The quality of the podcast can vary a lot depending on the topics and hosts. Linus Media Group often have a busy schedule and are known for sometimes being lazy and forgetting things. This is reflected in the podcast as it most of the time starts half an hour late and have become a sort of a meme. Although, the “messiness” gives the podcast a funny and almost a DIY characteristic, which adds a lot of character to the show. That is not to say that the show is in bad quality. The WAN Show actually have one of, if not the best video quality and superb audio quality(depending on your source). The show is not only on Youtube but Soundcloud and Float Plane as well. Both SoundCloud and Floatplane offer superb audio quality and the video quality on Floatplane is far superior to Youtube’s offering.


The show starts (after the hosts apologising for being late) with a brief summary of the news and other topics of the episode and rolls a short intro. After about half an hour, the podcast breaks with some sponsors of the show. The sponsor spots last for about seven minutes but are skippable. After the Sponsor spots, the show continues with more news and topics and ends with some paid “superchats” sent by viewers on Youtube. In total, the show is about one hour long. In the beginning, I found that too long, but luckily there is always timestamps left by users in the comment section, and sometimes in the description, if they remember to add them. From there you can select the topics you want to listen to if you are not into all of them. The timestamps are not that quick to show up and therefore I would recommend listening at least 2 hours after the episode is uploaded if you really want the topic timestamps. 


As a summary, The WAN Show is one of, if not the best tech podcast out there. It goes through most of the biggest weekly tech news and rumours whilst still keeping their DIY charm. In my opinion, the great charm makes the podcast funny and easily relatable. I have watched it for about a year and have no plan on stopping. This podcast is focused on the more knowledgeable about tech people but I think that even a not so tech savvy person would pick up the talk and enjoy the show fast as well.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
14 hours ago, imreloadin said:

You haven't seen the Level1News by Level1Techs...shit is hilarious most of the time.

I'll try it! Thanks for a response!

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