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Why cant I get my 1gig mbps speed?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey, so I have 1 gig mbps internet at home. I have a 1 gig network card plugged into my computer through pcie, yet I'm only reaching around 350mbps. Can anyone tell me why and how I could get my full speed?

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Bottlenecks are generally on the server sending side. If it's not a QoS policy, then it's generally because they don't have 1Gbps upload speeds.

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Use CAT 6 cable if you're not using that.

Try testing on a different computer.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Also I tested using my network 1 gig capable switch. It says the speed verifies at 1gig. But my computer isn't able to reach that speed even with a cat6 cable and a 1gig network card. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 hours ago, mynameisjuan said:

I doubt the router can push a gig. Gig ports dont mean anything to the router. 


What router do you have?

It's xfinity's xfi router. Provided when I bought the 1gig plan.

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Mind posting your the specs of the PC you're testing with? And the card you are using? Sometimes a too slow of a system can be the bottle neck of the network speeds. Also just because the port of the card says gigabit doesn't mean it can handle gigabit throughput. I'm assuming the modem/router is probably fine, but if you have extra equipment laying around you could try to bypass the modem they gave you with bridge mode cus maybe it can't handle routing at gigabit speeds?



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