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Is it possible to switch/upgrade blower fans on reference RX 470?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently picked up an Alienware x51 R2 as a gift for my console peasant friend. I've never had an AMD GPU but the Rx 470 fell perfectly into the power/TDP range. So, I bought a reference 470 with a blower fan.

Normally people shit all over reference designs because of the cooling performance and the noise. In my case (literally) the externally vented heat made more sense than dumping heat back into the case with an aftermarket card.

Now the biggest obstetrical that I need to get over before sending the computer is overal temp. The CPU presents enough of its own problems but the GPU is the most interesting part in my opinion. In my search of this topic on the internet I haven't found much. But I was wondering if there are any more powerful blower design fans that can be swapped into a card like this to further increase performance?

Amazon has a ton of GPU replacement fans for sale. I could easily just start buying fans left and right to try. But, since I'm gifting this at a pretty high personal cost, I'm trying to minimize how much I spend.

Has anyone tried this sort of thing yet? Does anyone know the OEM fan specs or dimensions?


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