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CPU or Memory Changed!!! Please enter Setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I have bought new Cpu, mobo, ram on November 2018;

Cpu - AMD Ryzen 2600 (clocked @3.9ghz)

Mobo - MSI B450 Tomahawk (Bios 1.50)

Ram - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16gb (2x8gb) (loaded XMP profile 2)

Gpu - Gigabyte G1 Gaming Gtx1080

PSU - Seasonic M12II 620 EVO.


As of April 16 2019 I am facing an Issue whenever I turn on my PC the machine remains on blackscreen with Boot Led light error on Mobo for some seconds and restarts with bios default settings and error message;

CPU or Memory Changed!!!

Please enter Setup to configure your system.

Press F1 to Run Setup.

Press F2 to load default values.


So, I thought it might be CMOS CR2032 battery issue gone bad, so I changed it with a new one hoping it might resolve.

But it doesn't, as soon as I set all the Bios Settings as it was previously and restart the computer the issue pops up.

After this I set the BIOS to default and as soon as I just apply the XMP profile 1 or 2 with all other settings default and hit Save just save Not even Save and Restart the machine restarting itself and that Error Message showing up.

So I then downloaded PassMark MemTest86 v8.1 and test both the RAM with their slots they were sited in and also swapped and also Individually with their respective slots and swapped, No errors coming up in MemTest.


So people what may be the problem with this thing ? .. It ran with all those settings applied in bios for 5 months with nothing changed, what's going on..


Ps: 2days before this started happening I was watching YT video and suddenly a BSOD, I took a pic attached






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