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5G Band on Router Disconnects when downloading

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello eveyone was wondering if you would be able to help me?

I'm having this weird issue with my router whee it will make the 5G band unavailable about 5 minutes after starting a download. It stops every device from being able to access it for about 15 minutes then becomes available again.

This then repeats until I reset the router; which will then see it work for a couple of days then go back to doing it again.

Any ideas of how I could fix this? Thanks!

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How old is the router? Does the 2.4 do it as well? Sounds like an intermitten band. You might be able to update the software of the router itself if you know how to sign into your router

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Around about a year, it was provided by my ISP when it was fitted. I can sign into the router but I *believe* I can't updae the firmware as it is locked by my ISP. I've tried changing the band but the problem persists.

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7 hours ago, Required said:

Depend on the Country 5G is just in a Demo Mode now and not ready for everyday useage.

The OP is talking about 5Ghz on WiFi not 5G cellular. 5Ghz WiFi has been around for fucking ever. Ever since 802.11A, N and AC, and now AX. 

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