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The Elkcase

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Posted · Original PosterOP

now people probably have done some pretty wacky things for cases but i think i thought of something which will be probably the strangest thing ive ever thought of


make a pc case, out of, the Elkay *not official name so im going to put whats on the site* Elkay Cooler Wall Mount ADA Non-Filtered, 8 GPH Light Gray Granite


now i feel this could be very doable 

make the push bar the power button with some slight resistance so you dont hit it accidentally

one of them could be for the io of motherboard, and last one possibly could be  for usb ports


so now when people come in your house and see your elkay chillin on your desk imagine their surprise when your running metro exodus on ultra from what appears to be a water fountain


the side vents could be made into fan mounts and for exhaust possibly a port behind the metal backing plate of the fountain and on the top with slots like on the sides so it wont make it look weird 


now if i havent convinced you yet on this let me add another idea which might be a little dangerous for hardware in your pc but would be very refreshing, in the tall part of the case is not used make it a water reservoir and attatch a pump to one of the push bars so when a bar is pushed it activates the pump making the case usable and for the sink bit it would just drain right back into the water supply 


*lets be honest by this point its any mans wet dream*


id like to hear feedback on this idea because i think this would look pretty neat

and yes ik this is a very stupid idea lol but after watching LTT videos for awhile id guess weird ideas are the heart of this site



id like to hear any suggestions for this very idiotic idea i thought about


and yes this mostly a meme




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14 hours ago, TheSpoi said:

*lets be honest by this point its any mans wet dream*

A terrible Pun. A feasible idea for a custom built PC. Not sure the water spilling out is the most practical idea since it would theoretically allow things like dust or debris into the loop.


I do not know if I would call this "Cool" but it has my interest. @AlexTheGreatish @GabenJr @James

"Put as much effort into your question as you'd expect someone to give in an answer"- @Princess Cadence

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