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1060 6GB w/ Triple Monitors + Upgrades.?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, in the future, I plan on getting triple monitors. Specifically x1 144hz & x2 60 OR 75hz monitors as secondaries. 
So I was wondering before purchases, can my 1060 6GB run the triple monitors without black screens, stutters, lag input, etc. Or do I need to upgrade?
If planning on upgrading, I plan on getting either the 1660 TI or the 1070 TI, just wondering will that work because I couldn't really find a straight up answer. I'm trying to stay semi-cheap so if there is a better graphics card to run gaming, streaming, productivity, etc. without issues, hook me up w/ name or link, that would be greatly appreciated. 


NOTE: I plan on gaming on the 144hz monitor & using my 60 or 75hz for secondaries like reading stream chat, adjust applications, etc. 
Also monitor suggestions would be great. (for 144hz, 1ms & 60-75hz, any ms) I currently have as my main, the ASUS MG248QR. I plan on upgrading it to something new since I'm not a big fan of the colors, etc.
AND, if I have enough money, I would like to know if the 1660 TI or 1070 TI would be able to handle triple 144hz monitors just for the sake of my OCD. If so, I would probably just order triple 144hz.


Questions you people might reply with, I'll try my best to answer them, there might not be a straight reply though due to my slack of knowledge. Thank you for every reply that helps me w/ this subject ❤️

EDIT: I might get a 240hz instead, so x1 240hz, x1 144hz & x1 60-75hz

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