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How to ground myself?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am trying to take apart my computer to clean it.


One small thing that I fear is static electricity:

How do I ground myself using psu?


Is it either 

1) connect psu into wall, and have the psu in off position, or on? then connect electro-static cord onto psu fan grill?

then do i touch the psu again? 


whats the best way to ground myself

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Connect your PSU to a grounded outlet, doesn't  matter if it's turned on or off and just touch it. Or attach your anti-static wrist band to your PSU and by having that on your wrist you are grounded too.

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Static bracelets are used where I work and they're pretty good.


2 things I'd recommend if you want to be really sure to avoid static.


1.) Antistatic wrist strap (you can get models that will clip on to the PSU/Case or models that will plug into the ground on your wall directly.

2.) Antistatic mat (so if you slide components around they won't build up charge.

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IF your computer is plugged into a socket with working earth/grounding, then your whole PC is grounded regardless if the psu is on or off.  The earth wire of the power supply is connected to the power supply case, which is screwed to the metal case of your computer, so your whole case becomes grounded.


No need to connect cord to ground and stuff like that... just touch the exposed metal of the case from time to time to discharge yourself.


You will only get charged with static electricity if you wear specific clothes like wool, synthetics, if you have socks and rub your feet on carpet or rub yourself on a fancy chair etc etc

If you just sit at your desk and work on your computer, you won't get charged with static electricity and if you do you can quickly discharge yourself by touching some exposed grounded metal.


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ESD likely won't damage your components; i'd still get one though because touching even mundane shit and getting shocked isn't pleasant.

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