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What gaming mice is more worth it

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm having a big argument on what to buy I'm thinking about the steel series rival 310 but my friends are saying I should get either a Logitech g402 Hyperion furry or a Razer mamba elite.

I really don't care about the name I just want a nice feeling with my mice quality and performance what I do care about to is the price I don't want any over kill price but performance and quality must be good

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Have you felt or used any of the mice you mention?   If so, that should tell you your answer.  


They're all good mice, last for years if you don't treat them like crap.  


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My hand is really big so nothing felt quite as good in my hand as a g502. Now that might be not the best mice neither the best bang/buck but it fits well into my hand and I think that should be the first thing you should consider before buying mice. Go to a local electronics store and see if you can try them there. Get a feel for them, see if they even fit your handshape/size. That should give you an idea which of the mentioned mice suits you.

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Logitech .  If you want something that is going to last in my opinion nothing better then Logitech.  I have been useig the same G600 mouse for 4 years now and it still looks the same as the day I bought it.  At work I have a Logitech basic mouse and keyboard that are well over 10 years old and they still look good. 

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It depends on your hand size..those are big mice for a large hand 18-20cm W/ 7-9cm L.


G402 is a good mouse but the sensor is outdated, its not bad or anything but it can spin out even though its hard to spin it out the sensor.


The 310 and mamba elite has more modern sensor with RGB if you are into it.


The point is its must be comfortable to use for you, has the right features that you need and the looks.

Gaming Mouse Buying Guide (Technical Terms,Optical vs Laser,Mice Recommendation,Popular Mouse Sensor,Etc)


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