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Minecraft server in a Hyper-V VM

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If you use windows to host MC you need to run it with max/min and garbage collection strings in the shortcut. This is what MineOS does for you automatically. Now I haven't hosted a MC server in probably 7.. ehh 8 years now - so maybe the they've done something about that.


Hyper+V and I would not pass the disk through. There's some fancy shenanigans Hyper-V + storage spaces can do better than whatever you decide to use for your VM.


My biggest bottleneck was always disk i/o - I've killed a SSD hosting a MC server. Now, I had logblock which allowed you to rollback block changes which for a 50 player server sat at 90gb from maybe 3-6 months worth of data. So if you're going to roll whatever today's version of logblock is, then 500gb would be great lol. I also ran dynmap which is heavy on the I/O. I'd absolutely use a SSD.


I would get a CPU with 4/8 instead of 6/12 - minecraft/java cares more about clockrate than cores. Granted if you're going to host a lot of MC servers you'll need all the cores you can get, but really you will hit your disk i/o before that if you're only going to roll a single disk.


I would almost say buy somethig more modern than a R710... I would look for a used 5th+ gen i7. R710 is great for a home lab and some basic services but I don't think it's going to do too great for a MC server. A modded server is really going to put the hurtin' on it.

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