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Far from Done

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This is a Long way from done, I am still designing and 3d printing fake covers from the Memory, GPU and Storage, plus all motherboard covers and plates to cover all the pass throughs in the case.

Then I need to find someone to do the hard line I keep messing it up

I call it the HAL-9900X

I have attached a Photo of the Work so far, a fake press release and some of my designs

The Hal 99003 is a plate to cover the 1080ti HC

New Plate is a 3d printed name plate to replace the stock thermaltake version

Currently it is an intel I9-9900X running at 4.6GHZ

Dual loops dual 560 Radiators

14 140Mm RGB Fans


1080ti (soon to be a 2080ti)

4x Intel 760P in raid 0 on an MSI X-pander Aero Pro (designing new plastic for it)

Also Building the Eye out of a Used Wide angel lens off eBay

New Printer and Laser Cutter coming soon so no updates till they get here.




hal 99003.JPG

new Plate.jpg

Annotation 2019-04-15 211431.jpg

DSC_0003 (1).JPG

READ Write.jpg

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A single nvme drive from a year ago can do nearly 1/3 of that in the sequential category, you have 4 drives in raid 0? Running in raid 0 does increase the performance as it scales pretty well. You should put up the 4K scores because that's more in line with day to day use.


Also what's with the press release? Is that just for fun or what? Because I dont follow it.

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