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(SOLVED) Need help with USB tethering

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Posted · Original PosterOP

In my house i get roughly 100kbps which has led me to resort to USB tethering which can net around 500kbps with our 3g connection, however when I am outside using the tethering I can get ~2-5mbps.


So I tried to use this device 



I used this cord and ran it outside connected to my tethered phone, it works great with my internet now seeing 2-5mbps. 


However the 15m cord does charge the phone, it is not fast enough to keep it from going flat. 


To try and remedy this by using this device. 



 I connected the data connector + power connecter to the 15m usb cord and the power-only to the wall socket. When connected to the 15m cord, it does not charge or register the tether. Is it because its 3.0/2.0, can you use different cords?


Any help would be appreciated 

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