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Can't get LUAMACROS to register one keyboard only?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm following Taran's tutorial on setting up a second keyboard, and I've got the second keyboard to execute all the functions that I need, so I'm assuming that part of it works. However, my primary keyboard also executes these functions, meaning I essentially have two macro keyboards. How can I "disconnect" my primary keyboard from LUAMACROS so that only one of them registers the hotkeys that I have set up inside of AutoHotKey and LUAMACROS?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
51 minutes ago, MarbleHornets said:

Have you looked at his second keyboard readme? According to it, you should be able to identify the second one for macros. I'm not 100% familiar with this program, but I do use a similar, older one. 


I have looked at the README, and the second keyboard doesn't register normal typing, which is what I want. However, when I run the AHK script, this also happens on my primary board. The functions in the AHK file only work while the script is running (obviously). Also, not sure if this is supposed to happen, but it only blocks normal typing when LM is open. 

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