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Assassin Ghost

Android Aggressive Background App Termination

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So it's Android One. 

Pie - Latest and Greatest

It's killing the apps in background. 


For example I can't use any app locker because the app will be completely terminated and all my apps are exposed. Now I have to go and manually start the app which sucks. 


I was using a App called OnePlus Navigation Gesture which I like too much but it terminated the app and I was left with no navigation bar because I hid the default one. So, I have to restart the phone, go to the home screen, to the menu and then enable the app again. 


I used the popular "Don't Optimize" method from the battery section but guess what after a while my navigation bar poof gone. 


Can anyone help me out with this. 


Thanks in advance. I so want to use the OnePlus Navigation Gesture. 




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