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S7 Edge won't respond to charging, recovery mode or dowbload mode

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I was just given a task to fix a S7 Edge that's bricked. I have no idea what caused it aside of "it shut down in an airplane with nearly full battery"


Tried charging and accessing recovery or download mode. No dice. So I can't even flash a software, suggestions?

no idea what to put here

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If it' won't go into recovery even while charging, it sure sounds like it's just dead.  Take it apart, test the battery, then sell the screen, frame and perhaps the battery on Ebay.

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It might not be dead. It can just be a over discharged battery. Your best bet would be finding a replacement battery. Phones mostly don't die that easily. Also, open the phone and check the water indicators. If they are still white, there is little to no chance that the mobo is dead. 

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