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Bishop Crane

M.2 Adapters

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The short question is, the 4x PCI-E to M.2 Adapter cards are they any good?

More background;
I have an old C602 workstation motherboard, this is my daily driver and does everything, work, games, video editing, web browsing, you name it.

My gaming drives (2x 512Gb SSD) are getting full, modern games are crazy large!  And I'm running out of SATA ports thanks to other drives (10 is not enough)
The motherboard doesn't support M.2 but I am going to replace it in a year or two I would imagine and that likely will.

So are these PCI-E adapters worth it?  Any experience, and problems I should be aware of?  Any brands to avoid?
Are there any that offer more than a single slot where the other slots aren't limited to being SATA connected only?
Or am I better off with just going for an old ioDrive or an Intel DCPxxxx drive?  As I figure a second drive will be fine, as games aren't going to be writing to the disk much.


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this is on a USB 3 5Gbps port, so yeah. (it can use a 10Gbps port, but I don't have one right now on my system ,_,)


if you want to find an adapter yourself, look at any adapter that mentions having a JMS583 or ASM2362 controller. if you want a quick answer that's known to work: look for the MyDigitalSSD M2X adapter. or wait for other comments to recommend an adapter from a listing that worked for them



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misread, sorry ( /)_(\ any adapter will do since most common ones are passive.

make sure you use the right socket on the adapter (a few NVMe & SATA combination adapters have specific sockets for specific interfaces)




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PCIe to NVMe or SATA. You need a NVMe drive for this as you don't have any more SATA, and you can't boot off of the NVMe

RYZEN 5 1500X | 8GB DDR4 | RX 570 4GB | OPTANE SSD 8 58GB | 240GB SSD | CORSAIR 88R

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