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Dual Monitor Setup, Slow Windows Explorer

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay, I have a dual monitor setup.


My main monitor in which I game.

My second monitor (TV in living room) in which I use to watch movies, youtube and such.


Now, my problem is this. Whenever I game on my main monitor, and I quit the game, my computer seems to be non responsive for 10 seconds. It will show the desktop or whatever screen was there before launch, but no matter where I click or what I press on the keyboard, nothing is responding. It is like my computer just freezes for 10 seconds.


And this is really annoying. Because this even happens when Alt+Tabbing out of a game. After Alt+Tabbing, my computer also just freezes for 10 or so seconds before I can do anything on it.


When I am NOT running a Fullscreen app, I can freely use my computer without issue. The issue only exist after running and quiting or alt+tabbing out of a fullscreen application window from my main monitor.


My second monitor (TV) is connected via HDMI from my GPU.


My specs are


GTX 1070 G1

I7 3770k


1080p 144Hz MONITOR (Main Monitor)


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Posted · Original PosterOP
20 hours ago, brncrsh said:

This is still happening even if you disconnect the TV and use just the monitor?


No, when I disconect my TV or unplug my HDMI cable, the issue does not exist. Even with HDMI plugged in, but TV switched of, the issue is still there.


Aslong as my GPU picks up 2 monitors in the GPU settings, the issue presist.

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The best solution I may suggest you, is to play Fullscreen windowed where available (most games have this option nowadays) in theory that should solve the 10 seconds wait.

If you have the chance, you may try to switch the TV with another TV or monitor and see if the issue still there.



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