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Dimitrios Shizas

Help with toshiba laptop motherboard

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Hello guys, i have a 25 year old retro toshiba sattelite 310cds/cdt laptop, that it has a problem, yesterday i turned it on, and the fan has stopped working without knowing because ide 2,1gb hdd is loud, and the laptop died, and it is not even shows anything, the leds are not even turning on, it is completely dead, it was the cpu fan, the cpu has not turned off to self protect, and it just turned off and never turned on again, it is with pentium at 120mhz, and it is quite hard even to find the whole laptop, is it able to make it work again? Is it possible from the tempratures the cpu has melted the contacts??? Help.

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Remove fan and see what happens ...  Replace fan or connect a random fan temporarily instead of the old fan just to have a fan there.


Fan may be dead and show up as a short circuit. Laptop's power supply or fan controller (which may be chipset or super-io chip the one that creates parallel ports, serial, infrared,ps2 keyboards etc on such old systems) in  may have a short circuit detection or fan not working detection and refuse to start the laptop.


Temperatures would have to go over 200 degrees Celsius for pins and components to break or become loose, and I doubt your laptop got so hot for that to happen.

The cpu though, I guess it could die if it goes over 100 degrees Celsius for a long time, maybe lower temperatures - I don't know how well such old chips handled temperatures.


It could be just a fuse being burnt in the power supply or on the motherboard (caused by fan being blocked and consuming too much current)

A good starting point would be checking voltages ... remove battery, check the power adapter to see if it sends voltages on the dc jack, then check voltages produced by the laptop once you push the


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