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Nord VPN vs PIA 3 vs 2 years

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm currently on Nord VPN but it's ending in 3 days.


For $83.88 They'll give me 3 years, not bad, know how it works seems all good.


Go over to the PIA WAN, and it's $83.87 but for only 2 years?


Looking for someone who has used both, if you're using PIA now do you want to switch back, or if you switched from Nord to PIA, what is better about PIA?

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I have tried out both and honestly I noticed very little difference in terms of performance, both work, change the ip and location, don't leak and work with whatever streaming service or other geo restricted content I'm trying to reach. In the end I went with Nordvpn simply because they are based in Panama and are not obligated to keep logs about their users while PIA is in the USA although they also claim to keep no logs. It's a tricky situation and hard to verify. Of course price also had some influence.

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