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LED Controller

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So here’s the deal. I run a Roller Skating rink in Florida and our lighting system is ancient. It’s from the 80s when everything was weird. The board itself is ALL switched with 0 computer hardware of any kind not even a PCB. The lights are fluorescent based and can chase, dim, and go to the beat of the music. The functionality is limited and replacing it is mandatory. I am trying to find an LED replacement and can’t seem to find anything that would suit the needs. I am actually considering buying a bunch of LED strips and a bunch of arduinos and making them myself but I would need way too many power supplies and arduinos for the amount of lighting I need. I am looking for a professional system nothing too exciting just to have a chase feature a color changing feature and dimming features but I can’t seem to find any. Thanks, Timmy

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Have you tried American DJ? This is pretty much their market. The model I used before is discontinued but the 64B LED Pro and the Mega Par Profile Plus look like they have the interface. They can be set to run to sound, set manually to a static color, or hooked into a lighting console with DMX for full control, and that goes for most of their products.


I also see  Lumilum has some DMX controlled strip lights but those look expensive (and do not come with the required DMX controller that must be bought from them?) .

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