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Any ideas for a diy portible TV/dvr

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was browsing the portable TVs, and I was like darn these are expensive, practically nothing was under $50, I've never used a portal TV before but I've used portable DVD players from like more than 10 years ago.


And I would like a TV tuner because I pay for Netflix Hulu YouTube TV vrv, and I want to watch supernatural and the Flash but the only services that have those shows require that I watch commercials even though I pay for it.


seriously I used to be able to watch supernatural the day after it was on live TV colorful they remove that and added it to Hulu's copy of YouTube TV that requires you pay $35 to watch shows that you could have the or four with commercials.


What do you think the cheapest solution is, I used tablet? I mean it will have a better screen for much cheaper price, but I would like a TV turner because I've checked 5 to 10 live TV over internet apps and none of them have CW.


Also what's with VGA over USB mini, that like every portible TV has, is the analog converter built into the TV tuner so it only cost like $0.15 to add a mini USB port?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 4/15/2019 at 5:36 AM, Faisal A said:

Watch greatscotts video : DIY portable monitor 


I already have a laptop I'm talking about a TV tuner, you know something that gives you TV channels.


I would like it inside a portable TV, because I'd like to use it in my car.


Also I've already seen this video

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Maybe a cheap android tablet with a SDR (Software Defined Radio) usb stick. It can pick up DVB-T, DAB (Radio), and FM Radio (And more)

#killedmywife #howtomakebombs #vgamasterrace

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