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Hey, recommend me

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What kind of games do you like? 

There aren't many new titles that can run at 1080p on that card

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Counter-Strike series if you're into shooters. It doesn't take a lot to run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Sims 3 might also be good if you're into casual simulators, it again doesn't take a lot to run.


Perhaps Rocket League too, but I don't have any experience with it on older machines.

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6 minutes ago, MukrizPlayzYT said:

Could all yall recommend me a good game for a intel core i5-2400, 8gb ram, windows 10 , bit 64 , gtx650 pc ?

If you're into simulator games, something like Euro Truck or American Truck simulator. You can make them very light to run (on Intel HD if you like) so shouldn't be a problem. Farming Simulator 17/19 could work too, they also are very light to run. Other than that I don't have much experience with undemanding games like the ones you could run

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16 minutes ago, seoz said:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

it's even free now. good alternatives are (subjectively):

destiny (personally my favorite)

apex legends


team fortress 2


rainbow 6 siege

and many more


there are so many games to recommend that thing could run...

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Basically any vehicle sims


The Louvre

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hollow knight



stardew valley

portal 1 + 2

ultimate chicken horse (if you have friends over)


mini metro

papers please

civ 5

but if you want more accurate recommendations you need to provide more details about what games you like

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