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Does anyone have any speculation or insight on the 300 series rework? I've heard that this Friday they're removing the $0 ship upgrade options and I'm torn between a 315p and a reliant kore (same price atm). Obviously the 315 is miles ahead in terms of combat (size 2 weapons instead of size 1, better shields, more resilient thruster placement, higher top speeds) but the kore is much more versatile outside of combat (extra seat, lots of cargo space, lots of optional modules for science/combat equipment). Only downside is no factory jump engine in the kore, so I'd have to buy one once the full game launches.

Build: Intel S2600gz, 2x E5-2670, EVGA SC 1070, Zotac 1060 6GB mini, 48GB Micron 1333mhz ECC DDR3, 2x Intel DPS-750XB 750 watt PSU


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