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Faisal A

budget CPU for a workstation

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Used Intel vs Used AMD CPU for a budget workstation ?

If you want me to see your reply, please tag me @Faisal A

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...for what?

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Local VHS collector and video capture amateur. Also the only confirmed Saturn wagon owner here. PM me for any questions concerning VHS recording if interested.



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This shouldn't even be a question. AMD has always been the better 'budget' option. The 2700x is a great chip for a moderate workstation.

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1 minute ago, Faisal A said:

@Curious Pineapple But which would you prefer ?

Just replaced an FX machine with a dual Xeon workstation that I got for practically free but only because 16 threads is better than 6. I've always preferred AMD due to the higher performance for the same price, but the FX was mistake as nothing really takes advantage of it.

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