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NZXT Case Owners - Do Front Intakes Make a Difference?

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Hi, so this is specifically for anybody who owns an NZXT case such as the S340, H500, H700 etc, because pretty much any modern NZXT case has the dreaded wall of no airflow front panel. I own an S340 and I use 2 120mm Corsair SP120 fans as my intakes, or rather, used to use them as intakes, they're now turned off.


After turning off my front intakes, I've noticed negligible temperature differences compared to when they were turned on. In fairness, these do seem to be pretty weak fans as I can barely feel any air being pushed through even with the front panel off.


Do you fellow NZXT case owners notice any temperature difference when you have front intakes in? This can apply to radiator users as well since I have an itch that there's a minority that genuinely uses fans as front intakes.

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I've been hearing from many NZXT owners who share your concern, Yes, you do see a difference in temperatures.  This is why this DIY guide is very popular.



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