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Could a broken mobo fry other parts?

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I just got a new mobo and it came with the safety cpu socket cap loose in the anti static bag. Also the thing that goes over the SSD was still screwed in but loose and not clipped in. The cpu pins are fine and the whole mobo 'looks' OK. But could there be some unseen damage that could fry my 9900k or 2080 ti??




Any help is greatly appreciated. 




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Depend on what kind of damage it has done. If it has caused a short, damage may be done. If it is just a scratch breaking a trace, no damage will be done. It also depend on the location of the damage. For example, if it has caused a short on one of the power supply traces, there is a possibility that it may fry your psu. If it has disconnected a CPU trace, you may not be able to use 1 RAM slot or one PCI lane might be missing.

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