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Good experience with EVGA RMA process.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Had a good experience with EVGA's RMA process recently. I purchased an EVGA 750 GQ about.... 4 months ago. About a month ago, it just randomly shut off as I was starting a game and refused to start again. I tested it a few different ways and determined that the PSU was at fault. I bought it on amazon, and did NOT purchase the purchase protection from them, but it didn't matter. Turns out EVGA's warranty is freaking amazing on their power supplies. Mine had a SEVEN FREAKING YEAR warranty. Almost all, if not all, of their PSUs have AT LEAST a 2 year warranty, but many of them have 5-7 year warranties, if not more. 


So I went onto EVGA's website, created an account, registered my PSU, contacted technical support (which, I believe, is open 24/7 because I called at some random ass time) (because you have to to complete the RMA process), talked to the guy for all of 3-4 minutes (nice dude named Brandon), told him what happened, how I tested it etc. and he gave me an RMA number. He even plugged the info in for me online. I then went back online and formally requested the RMA by filling out a form with my new RMA number. It took a day to get approved, then they e-mailed me instructions on where to send the broken PSU, how to pack it, etc. About 2 (or 3, I forget) weeks later, a brand new, sealed, identical PSU shows up at my door, including cables/accessories, even though they tell you NOT to send the cables/accessories back when you ship the PSU back. So now I have a nice set of brand new, extra cables for my EVGA power supplies. They also e-mailed me the tracking number so I knew when it would show up. 


Overall, extremely happy with the RMA process. Sad that the PSU died, especially considering I literally have 3 other computers running off of identical PSUs purchased all about that time, but extremely happy with how easy that was. The only cost to me was shipping them the PSU. It cost me about $30 CAD IIRC, and that was from Canada to California , so more expensive than it'd be in the US. No argument from them, no questioning of my testing methods or computer conditions, nothing. Just a super simple "Yep, it sure sounds broken, send it here." 


Also, this was the SLOW RMA process they have. They have another RMA process where you send them the full cost of the replacement then they reimburse you when they get your broken PSU. This is obviously quicker because they ship the replacement PSU right away. But I had extra PSUs so I wasn't terribly worried about it. 


Anyway, I figured I'd share a nice experience since most RMA experiences online are negative. 


Good job EVGA. This experience makes me much more comfortable with the rest of my EVGA power supplies. I think, in total, I have 5-6 EVGA PSUs. 

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>Really depends on the quality of the PSU, you shouldn't be 100% love any EVGA PSU for it being EVGA

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Posted · Original PosterOP
12 minutes ago, LienusLateTips said:

>Really depends on the quality of the PSU, you shouldn't be 100% love any EVGA PSU for it being EVGA

It was less about the PSU for me and more about the easy return process. Even IF my EVGA PSU's fail (which none have other than this one) I know I'll be able to return them easily, and they all have ridiculously long warranty periods. 


That said, I don't buy cheap PSUs. All of my PSUS are tier 3 or above (most are tier 2). 

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