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Coming from a Canon 600D, is a 6D Mki a good upgrade?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I've been using a 600d for about 1 year now and want to upgrade to a somewhat affordable full-frame. Is the fist gen 6D a good upgrade? If not, any recommendations along that price range?

 Using it mostly for stills

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Consider the Canon EOS RP, which is Canon's low end budget full frame mirrorless camera. Can be had for $1,299 USD body only, and includes the the EF to RF mount adapter, so you can adapt existing Canon lenses to it.

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I agree with the above completely, look for used, refurbished or grey market deals on the eos r or rp, they tend to be sold at significant discount and its certainly a great bang for the buck. Much better and more versatile AF system than the original 6D as well and you can use both Ef anf RF lenses, so win all round. 


Unless you want some of the features of the 5d series, which is a different story and they are more ergos, ruggedness and redundancy features. 

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Are most of your lenses EF-S (Crop/APS-C) or EF (Full Frame) glass ? If their mostly EF-S glass then the 6D MK ll is pretty much "no go" as Canon's FF DSLR's are not compatible with EF-S lenses.


For that reason I'm also going to say get the EOS-RP with  the EF to RF adapter (which for now is still bundled in for free at some stores) and your EF/EF-S lenses will all work great and its Canon's most affordable FF body to date.

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