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Asus mg279q 1440p 144hz ips bad color :/

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just received the asus mg279q and the 144hz really surprised me on how well it feels , but the color compared to my Acer g257hu which is half the price makes the Asus look really bad. It has the same specs as the acer but doesn't look as bright or good. So I was thinking about swapping it with the asus PB278Q but the specs are almost the exact same with the pb278q being 60hs pls ips https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/4c54a7412 . But it would be ashamed to swap it for a 60hz monitor if the color quality would be the same . If anyone has seen these side by side please give me some advice!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, KoeppColto024470 said:

You shouldn't need 144hz unless your a professional gamer or your a really competitive FPS player

I got it because my computer regularly pushes more than 110 or more frames and wanted a good color accurate ips to go with it. i game casually and a 144hz monitor really makes a difference in making a smoother more enjoyable experience. I don't need a 144hz monitor i wanted one but i need a color accurate monitor which this was supposed to be.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, Snipergod87 said:

I have 2x MG279Q's and 1 PG279Q.  I can tell the colors are better on my PG model compared to my MG models, even after calibration.

thanks for the info! the monitor just doesn't look bright at all even at %100 and calibration sites are saying they have it calibrated at %30 brightness which makes no sense to me even in a fully dark room. The whites dont look very white or bright and i have an ips 1/2 the cost next to it and its colors are more vivid and bright. I think ill have to return it and get a new asus pb278q or a used PG279Q for $422 , what are your thoughts? and how drastic is the difference between the pg279q and the mg278q , would the pg279q be suitable for content creation?

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